Monday, October 11, 2010

Browns' Monday- Forth QB on the Roster Edition

Week 5- Falcons @ Browns

Cleveland 10
Atlanta 20

Scoring Summary

Second Quarter
Atlanta FG: Matt Bryant 24 yards
Cleveland TD: Seneca Wallace pass to Peyton Hillis for 19 yards
Atlanta FG: Matt Bryant 30 yards

Thrid Quarter
Cleveland FG: Phil Dawson 19 yards
Atlanta TD: Matt Ryan Pass to Roddy White for 45 yards

Forth Quarter
Atlanta TD: Kroy Biermann returned an interception for 41 yards

Important Player Stats
Seneca Wallace 11-15, 139 yards, 1 TD
Jake Delhomme 13-23, 97 yards, 2 INTs

I think I may be the only one who doesn't feel Delhomme deserves to have book thrown at him. His performance wasn't stellar by any means, but I don't think it was horrendous or even a return to what had been Delhomme's form the previous few seasons. I mean he was obviously still injured. He was only slightly less gimpy that Wallace. The Interception weren't really his fault. Here's a break down:

INT 1- On this play, the Falcons sent 5 pass rushers. The two linebacker lined up over the Center. One dropped back and one came on the Blitz. The Offensive line adjusted its protection as if both linebackers were coming, which left the Right End unblocked. When one of the linebackers dropped, Joe Thomas failed to adjust, so Delhomme had to throw it quickly. It got deflected by an unblocked man who managed to Intercept it and take it back for six.

Delhomme knew the Right End would be unblocked and tried to get the ball out quickly to the hot route, which was the back into the left. That was the right thing to try to do in that circumstance, because in most instances the ball will whiz by the defenders helmet for a positive play.

INT 2- Delhomme got pressured quickly on this play from pretty much all angles. He probably should have eaten the ball and taken the sack, but it was late in the game and a sack would have cost precious time. So, he did tried to get the ball out and it deflected off an offensive lineman's helmet since he was being pushed into Delhomme's grill. The ball bounced up into the air and was picked off effectively ending the game.

Back to the general discussion, Delhomme completed passes that were a significant improvement from anything the Browns had last season*. This is not to say the loss of Wallace didn't hurt the Browns. Wallace was playing very well. Add to that, Wallace's maneuverability would have helped against the pass rush of the Falcons. Delhomme was basically a statue back there due to his injury.

Overall, I wasn't incrediably displeased with the offense's performance yesterday; even in the second half. In the first half, the Brown's had some effective passing on first down, which will become a necessity if the Browns are going to continue to be competitive. There wasn't much luck running the football, though, which will need change. There were no sustained drives, but for the most part 3 and outs were avoided. This unit needs to improve, but I can't completely bemoan them either, because I remember the dark ages of last season, before the light of Jerome Harrison. Hopefully, Hillis will heal quickly though.

It was another good effort by the defense. It was just another case of the defense tiring out after being asked to make so many stops following another ineffective offense series. If this team can get to scoring 21 points per game, this defense should be able to win the Browns a lot of game.

Something I am very pleased with is the Field Goal block team. They have gotten two important blocks in the past two games and deserve major kudos for that. The key has been the fear opposing team's special teams have for Shaun Rogers. He has been a blocking machine in the past and is drawing so much attention that the outside rushers have been able to get through to block Field Goals.

That's it for this game. The injury report this week should be interesting.

Browns resign Ratliff

The injuries to both Wallace and Delhomme have made it necessary for the Browns to add a forth quarterback onto the roster.Knowing this move was coming, I was sort of hoping, they would pick up someone like Jeff Garcia, but figured they would just go snag Ratliff off the New England practice squad.

Does this mean McCoy is going to start against the Steelers? I think yes. There is no way the Browns make this move if they think Wallace or Delhomme could play. I mean Wallace has a fresh ankle sprain and Delhomme proved yesterday that he isn't healed yet.

So, it looks like McCoy is going to be thrown into the fire. There is a chance Ratliff could start, though; especially if the company line is to keep McCoy from playing in year one unless the situation becomes desperate. Either way my feeling is that the offensive gameplan is going to be super conservative**.

It may be a long game next week filled with a lot of three runs and a punt series.

Thanks for reading and please donate to help sick little kids.

And Fuck the Steelers.

*Brady Quinn wouldn't throw it more the 5 yards down field.
**Shades of the Bruce Gradkowski start at the end of the '08 season.

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