Friday, October 8, 2010


I just discovered that there are stats on Blogger?!?!?

Have these been around for a while now? I don't remember seeing them before, but i noticed the link on the right side of the dashboard that gives me detailed stats on views. I like that I no longer just have profile view counts to judge what's going on.

Interesting things I discovered so far:
Between 1am and 2am on October 7th this blog got 50 views.

The most common link to this website is my twitter, which is odd, because I have only two followers and I don't get @replies from people, who you know actually have followers that often.

I seem to average around 15 page views a day.

This post is more popular than it should be. It's almost two months old and still gets views.

I can't figure out what any of it means though. I had make it so it wouldn't count my own page views anymore when I discovered this on Wednesday. So, I know that a significant portion of the clicks prior to that are my own*. Then I had 50 views in an hour, when I wasn't awake, then it went right back down to the normal 1 or 2 views an hour.

I'll stop talking about this/stroking my own ego.

Thanks for reading and donate to help the sick little kids.

*I mean more than 1800 of my 2000 views are Firefox. I use Firefox and I don't it's so popular that it should dominate views like that without me pushing it in that direction significantly. But if I do have a sizable Firefox using following please let me know:)

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