Thursday, October 28, 2010

Myths and Stuff

I've spent basically all day today studying for my Mythology midterm tomorrow. Ok, All day is a bit of an exaggeration. I mean I did have to go to Biology lab* today. I also may have played some CoD when I got home. So, since like 2 or so I have been pretty much just studying with the occasional Youtube/twitter/insert internet activity here breaks. I know about all I feel I can know about the Odyssey and still don't feel quite comfortable with them yet. Things like describing Odysseus' relationship with 4 specific women in terms of Womens place in Greek society... I can kinda start on that one, but the problem is not picking the four women to use as examples, that is pretty obvious in Penelope, Athena, Calypso, and Circe. The problem is that 3 of those women are fucking gods, so they don't really fit well into the Greek view of women very well, because you know their divine and they'll fucking smite you. All of the essay questions she gave on the review are kind of like that. Just really abstract and hard to answer well.

I don't mean to rag on the class or professor at all. I actually really like the class and the professor is pretty cool.

So, sticking with Mythology, let's talk about the Greek Gods and Goddesses. More specifically, which one(s) I feel the most like/relate to the most/the ones I find most interesting.

I think the Goddess we'd all like to be like is Athena. I mean I think she's the best of the Olympians with her only real competition being Apollo. She's super butch, but the sexiest butch lady you'll ever find. She's wise. She's a tactician**. She fucking popped out of Zeus' head. Athena is pretty much the most baller god around. I wish I was more like Athena.

Poseidon seems like an Angry old man to me. He's always pissed at somebody and fucks up their life. Plus he's always opposed to Athena, which means he's pretty much always wrong. Fortunately, Athena pretty much always gets her way.

I kind of like Zeus. He is a womanizer. No way around that. He may even seem like kind of a flake or someone who delegates basically everything. To me he actually seems to be a quite reasonable god. I mean he's the greatest of them all, but still listens to the other gods and doesn't dictate. He may even say, "Calm down, grizz" when one of the other gods is going a bit overboard with their smiting. At the very least he is indifferent enough to mankind to allow the other gods to help us out.

Rapid fire time. I always picture Hermes as the Hermes from Futurama. I always felt Hades gets a bad wrap, because of the modern perception of hell. If you want a good time call Dionysus- Mt. Olympus. Hera is jealous and spiteful bitch.

The Goddess I relate to the most/feel the most like is Hestia, the Goddess of the Hearth. She's the sister of Zeus. She doesn't really ever go out. She's passive and doesn't ever really get into any fights. So much so that she gave up her place on Mt. Olympus. She was like, "Well since there can only be 12 of us up here, I'll bail."

I hope this wasn't like a boring lecture.

Question of the Day: Which Greek god or goddess do you feel you are most like/relate to the most?

Thanks for reading and please comment.

*Today it was arts and crafts day.
**Not like that crazy asshole Ares.

Sometimes something is so awesome that it deserves a shout-out and I totally saw something like that today. From Dr. Love…er, Dr. Britt, is in the building.

It's funny on so many levels.

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