Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Random Wednesday- Colt McCoy is no Charlie Frye.

I mean that as sleight to Colt McCoy. Also kind of a sleight to Charlie Frye. Just more so as a sleight to Colt McCoy. You know what? I mean it as sleight to both of them. I'll put it this way:

Charlie Frye was almost decent. I don't see near the promise in Colt McCoy that I saw in Charlie Frye. I mean McCoy could shock me and prove to be good, but as I've stated earlier he reminds me too much of Brady Quinn.

I'm kind of ragging on him and he hasn't even played a game yet, but man he's going to be thrown into the fire quickly. I personally would start Ratliff and let him be the one who gets killed. Leave McCoy on the sideline and see if he develops into something better than the QB at Texas who never threw the ball much further than 5 yards down field.

The Browns also did something today that sincerely pissed me off. The traded Jerome Harrison for Mike Bell. It was basically a gift for the Eagles. I'm not entirely opposed to the idea of trading Harrison. He is probably disgruntled due to Hillis getting virtually all the carries. It's just, why for Mike Bell? I'll take any draft pick over another Denver-system Runningback. Not to mention Mike Bell is probably the worst of the bunch. I seriously think Heckert wanted to give a present to his former team. If you want to get rid of a player... just get me a fucking draft pick ok.

There you go. Basically a special edition Browns' Monday, only I think it is more disjointed and rambling, so I think it qualifies as random.

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