Friday, October 1, 2010


I was stranded for two hours this evening at a junkyard. That wasn't any fun. Hooray! I had to wait for a mechanic to put a new gas tank in the truck that I'm driving. He had finished putting in a new tank when I was dropped off there, but that ended up leaking way worse that the original one did. So, he had to pull another tank, remove the fucked up one and then put another one in, which thankfully didn't work.

Other than that today has been uneventful. I had one class, Classical Mythology. We discussed the Odyssey books 5-8 and then I took a quiz, which was pretty damn easy. I though there might be some crazy new policy implemented, because there was an alleged rape on campus in the girls restroom in one of the halls on Thursday Morning. It seems like one of those awful things that no reasonable amount of security could have prevented, but people tend to overreact. I hope no knee jerk changes are made due to this. If after reviewing the incident some reasonable changes can be made to improve safety that's a good thing, but I don't want to see something crazy like gender segregated bathroom breaks or something like that.

All the rest of my day was spent playing Minecraft. I've been working on redecorating the outside and clearing things out from around my house. I also explored into a cavern I haven't been into yet and it's loaded with resources and keeps taking me deeper. I hope I'll find a monster spawner.

I usually feel like I'm the only person who is happy when the days start getting short and it gets colder. Winter is my favorite. I like it to be chilly. Everyone else seems to bitch about it though. I actually find people bitching about the weather pretty damn annoying. Well, if someone is bitching about it raining one a certain day that's one thing. I don't really have a problem with that. It's when people bitch about things like the seasons changing. It happens every fucking year. It's cold and gray during the winter and hot and humid during the summer every year. Please stop telling me how horrible it is like you've never experienced it before.

Ok, I feel I've bitched enough about things.

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Song of the Day: Let it Slide- No Use For A Name

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