Saturday, October 30, 2010

State of the Blog Ramblings II

Something that annoys me is when producers make changes to their products without acknowledging that a change has been made. Maybe I'm just a stubborn old man, but I would like to at least have switches acknowledged. So, in this spirit, I'd like to inform my possibly existent readers of some of the changes I'll be making and those that I am considering.

Lately, I've found myself annoyed with the background and post template. I don't know, it just seems to be much-a-do about nothing. It seems busy for no good reason. So, for the past few days, I've have spent sometime looking at different blog templates and will switch to a new one sometime next week.

Speaking of layout issues. I also want a banner. I'm not very skilled at photo manipulation or even operating a program that would allow me to make an awesome banner. So, if you or some you know, knows how to do such a thing and are willing to help me out, please let me know. I may even hold a contest for this if enough interest is shown.

I've also decided to change who can make a comment on this blog. I have it set, so that anyone with an OpenID can make a comment. Most people do have some sort of OpenID username to make a comment, but probably don't realize it and it is mildly complicated to get it connected to this blog. I've decided to make it so anyone can comment on a post, including Anonymous persons. I do worry a bit about same. I'd think that this thing isn't popular enough to draw spam, but I wouldn't be shocked if some spam-bots show up. If it isn't too ridiculous, it will be easy enough to delete any spam and hopefully this will encourage more commenting.

Finally, A finally 'Buckeye Sunday' and 'Browns' Monday' will not necessarily be weekly things during the off-season. By brief experience with doing those in the off-season produced some of the worse posts in this blogs short history. Also as a side note, I will not be doing Browns' Monday this week. It's a bye week and for the Monday's post I'll be putting on my amateur political pundit hat and make some projections and predictions about the Midterm election. Also expect a second Tuesday post as I react to and discuss the actual results.

There are also a few projects I'm considering doing on this blog, but they will stay on the down-low for now in case they never happen.

Any thoughts, concerns, ideas, etc.? Leave them in the comments* below.

Thanks for reading.

*There won't be any excuses for not commenting anymore. If you read this and have something to say, please share it.

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