Sunday, October 3, 2010

Buckeye Sunday- What the Hell Was That?

Ohio State 24
Illinois 13

Scoring Summary

First Quarter

Illinois TD: Nathan Scheelhaase rushed for 3 yards
Ohio State TD: Terrelle Pryor Pass to Brandon Saine for 8 yards

Second Quarter
Illinois FG: Derek Dimke 27 yards
Ohio State TD: Terrelle Pryor pass to Dane Sanzenbacher for 11 yards

Forth Quarter
Ohio State FG: Devin Barclay 32 yards
Illinois FG: Derek Dimke 30 yards
Ohio State TD: Daniel Herron rushed for 7 yards

Important Player Stats
Terrelle Pryor: 9-16, 77 yards, 2 TDs, 11 rushes, 105 yards
Daniel Herron: 23 rushes, 95 yards

The Buckeyes didn't look great yesterday. The offense was largely ineffective. Pryor didn't play very well. He only had 77 passing yards. He had 105 rushing yards, but they came almost entirely on 2 runs. He was sacked 3 times.

The offensive line really struggled in the first half with run blocking. The pass protection was actually pretty good, but in downhill run blocking they got virtually no push. Late in the 3rd quarter the running did start to get going and it had to, because that was all that was being called.

Pryor was injured and missed parts of three series, but when he returned late in the 3rd the offensive play calling became dramatically different than it had been all season. It was basically I-Formation and had the ball to Herron on every play. I feel that if Pryor wasn't well enough to run the offense as it is supposed to be run, he shouldn't have been in the game. He's not a good enough passer to just be a drop back threat and the play calling made it apparent he lacked mobility.

Following Illinois first offensive series*, the Defense was very strong. Illinois had no effective passing game and the run was easily shutdown. They only allowed one series that led to Field Goal in the 4th. The other field goal was off a Pyror Interception.

I really don't know what to think about yesterday's game. It's not unusual for Ohio State to have a hard time with Illinois. Terrelle Pryor didn't look good, but he wasn't allowed to show much in the 2nd half. The defense looked good, but Illinois' Offense is bad.


Indiana throws the ball like crazy. They threw it 64 times yesterday. Ben Chapel is a good quarter, he's not great. He has some accuracy issues at times. He put up impressive numbers yesterday, but that just isn't that impressive against Michigan. Pass protection isn't that great for Indiana either. Michigan was able to get pressure with just three rushers often. The running game for Indiana is rarely used. Willis, their Runningback looks like a decent back. He just isn't used much.

Ohio State will pretty much play Nickel all game against IU and this will be a test for the secondary especially since Chekwa hasn't played much the past two weeks with a back injury.

Indian's defense is not very good, but the way Ohio State's offense looked against Illinois who knows?

Ohio State 31
Indiana 20

As promised here comes some new parts.

Pasta's Player of the Year Rankings
This is in sorts a Heisman Watch, but not exactly, because in some ways the Heisman is awarded in a poor manner. So, this is the rankings for my own personal player of the year. This 'award' will not be given until following the bowl season

5. Colin Kaepernick, QB, Nevada
4. Cam Newton, QB, Auburn
3. LaMichael James, RB, Oregon
2. Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State
1. Denard Robinson, QB, Michigan

Robinson has just been ridiculous this year. I think he will soon have people forgetting their hyperbole about Tim Tebow.

Terrelle Pryor isn't on the list due to his poor performance yesterday. He is probably number six.

Pasta's Top 5 teams
5. TCU
4. Boise State
3. Oregon
2. Ohio State
1. Alabama


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