Saturday, October 9, 2010

Four Day Weekend

I don't have class on Monday due to Columbus Day, which mean I have a four day weekend. That's pretty awesome. I means I won't have to do all my work on Sunday night, but can put it off to Tuesday night.I do have a test on Wednesday, a lab due, and four more books to read in the Odyssey, but you know I won't be doing any of that until approximately 7pm on Tuesday night.

I actually don't feel that Christopher Columbus* deserves a day and most schools in my state don't either. I just happen to go to a School that has Columbus in it's name, so we observe it. I mean c'mon it is so obvious now that he wasn't even the first European here. Add that, he was a giant d-bag and well he doesn't deserve a holiday in my book.

Then again, it is nice to have four days off.

Question of the day: Does your school/work observe Columbus Day?

Thanks for reading and please donate to help sick little kids.

*What an asshole

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  1. OU doesn't observe Columbus Day. Thankfully, neither does my contractor. Work started on the fence today!!