Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gaming Tuesday


Gamerscore Last Week: 22009
Goal: 22050
Gamerscore Now: 22055

Achievements Unlocked

Civilization Revolution

Good Afternoon, Doctor Jones 9G
80% of Success is Showing Up 5G
Culture is Worth a Little Risk 9G
The Fruit of Labor 5G
Home is Where One Starts From 3G
Once More Unto the Breach 5G
Before All Else, Be Armed 5G

Dead Space

Marksman 5G

Goal for Next Week: 22150
$ for HPA: 7.95

A Note

You know how my gamer score has been not ending in a five or zero as it normally should. Well that's was due to Civilization Revolution. I bought the game and started playing it and wasn't really enjoying it that much so I stopped. The thing is when I stopped I had stopped I had unlocked three achievements worth three points each, so I ended up adding nine to my gamerscore, which made it funky.

I was getting rather annoyed with my gamerscore being weird, so I re-purchased Civilization Revolution and unlocked the other odd achievements to make my score normal again. I like the game better this time around, but still don't know if I'll get heavy into it. At least I'm done with the fours and nines that were at the end of my gamerscore.

I also got Dead Space. I've just started into it and it seems like it will be a pretty good game. It will definitely be something to fill the space between now and when Black Ops comes out.


It has been a very long time since I've spent so little time gaming on a console. I mean I barely play XBox at all this week. That is entirely due to Minecraft. I have been spending hours and hours in this game. It is so fun and it's really hard to explain why it is so much fun.

I just love it.


Thanks for reading and please comment.

Only five more weeks to Black Ops!

Song of the Day: This Is A Rebel Song- No Use For A Name

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