Saturday, November 20, 2010

Black Ops Stats

I'm seriously lacking inspiration or even ideas for posts. I don't know. I'm normally able to come up with something to write about that make a decently long and coherent post. The past two days that has not been the case. I look forward to the next few days where I've provided myself a post theme and template already.

So in a desperate attempt to provide you all with something, here are my Black Ops multiplayer stats:

Time Played: 13 hours 35 minutes
Wins: 43
Losses: 56
Ratio: .77
Best Streak: 2(there is no way that is accurate)

Kills: 1434
Deaths 1386
K/D ratio: 1.03
Assists: 102
Accuracy: 18%
Headshots: 77
Best Killstreak: 9

That's something that is very cool about Black Ops. I could go into greater detail with numbers, because of how in depth the "Combat Record" feature is.

Also, I changed the design of my emblem this evening from what it had been to something new. I now have the Cookie Monster as my emblem. That is the most baller shit around.

Thanks for reading.


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