Monday, November 29, 2010

Browns' Monday- Finally a Team That Screws Up Worse Than the Browns Edition

Week 12- Panthers @ Browns

Cleveland 24
Carolina 23

Scoring Summary

1st Quarter
Carolina TD: Mike Goodson rushed for 26 yards
Cleveland TD: Peyton Hillis rushed for 9 yards
Cleveland TD: Peyton Hillis rushed for 5 yards

2nd Quarter
Cleveland TD: Peyton Hillis rushed for 6 yards
Carolina FG: John Kasey 43 yards
Carolina FG: John Kasey 42 yards

3rd Quarter
Carolina TD: Captain Munnerlyn returned an interception 37 yards

4th Quarter
Carolina FG: John Kasey 43 yards
Cleveland FG: Phil Dawson 41 yards

Important Player Stats
Jake Delhomme: 24-35, 245 yards, 2 INTs

Peyton Hillis: 26 rush, 131 yards, 3 TDs, 6 receptions, 63 yards

Something we definitely learned yesterday is that the Carolina Panthers are not very good a football. The Browns did their very best to make sure Carolina would win in the 2nd half and they still couldn't quite back their way into the victory.

The game followed the typical pattern for a lot of the Browns' games this season with the edition of the Delhomme factor. Yesterday, as has been the case in many other games this season, Cleveland was pretty damn effective on offense in the first half, but went absolutely stagnant in the second half. The Delhomme factor added the, "I'm gonna throw it to the other team" that Colt McCoy and Seneca Wallace were good at avoiding. It's weird that he can be such an impressive QB at times then he just starts throwing interceptions.

I was impressed with the defensive performance for the most part yesterday. That last drive they allowed was kind of embarrassing, but they managed to shut them out of the end zone for the entire game after the first drive. There are still some issues that improved personnel would address, but even with a bit of a talent deficit this defense is pretty damn good.

If there has been one thing us Cleveland fans have had to hand our hats on it's the Browns' Special Teams. The Special Teams have been the best in the league for years now and yesterday was no exception. The punting game was the most impressive yesterday. As much as I really like Dave Zastudil, his days as a Cleveland Brown are done. Reggie Hodges has secured the job.

It's nice to think that the Browns probably won't finish last in the division this year. I think the next 3 games are winnable. That would bring the record up to 7-7. Maybe just maybe they could split the last two and go .500. That's probably just wishful thinking, they're bound to blow a few games down the stretch.

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