Saturday, November 6, 2010

It Would Be An Understatement

To say I'm a hermit. I mean sometimes I do things, but I generally don't have a real life. I do go to class 2-5 days a week depending on the quarter and its not like I just stare ahead blankly and refuse to interact with anyone around me when I'm there. I mean I'm not the most social person there, so if someone doesn't talk to me I probably won't start a conversation with them. I'm not even good at conversation, so if a conversation needs to be carried by me, it probably will cease, but I still am willing to talk. My point here, if there is one, is that I stay home a lot, I don't have a life in the real world for the most part.

So, I guess most of my life is virtual. I mean I have this blog and anyone in the world can see how truly lame I am by reading. Not only that, there is facebook, twitter, and to a lesser extent forums where I'd say the majority of my desired interaction occurs. Also, through Xbox Live, I have talked to and played video games with tons of people there is no way I'll ever meet in the real world. Is this equal in value to person to person interaction? as healthy? I don't know. If anyone has thoughts share them in the comments.

This entire socializing through the internet thing is very new. So, there is still a tendency to view 'internet' friends as somehow less significant/important/socially healthy. I don't necessarily agree with that idea.

Anyway, I hope this didn't sound too pathetic. I swear I do actually have friends in real life.

I went with one of my best friends, Nick, to the Columbus Crew game today. The game went to a penalty shoot-out and there is nothing more stressful as a fan. The Crew didn't win the shoot-out after a shanked final PK. It was definitely a disappointment, but I still had a blast. I cheered, yelled and sang loud as I could, which is something I always enjoy even though I am the shy, meek, and socially awkward individual I discussed earlier.

In fact this blog is largely a contradiction to my personality in the real world.

Thanks for reading and please comment.


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