Monday, November 15, 2010

Browns' Monday- Butterfingers Edition

Week 10- Jets @ Browns

Cleveland 20
New York 26

Scoring Summary

1st Quarter
Cleveland FG: Phil Dawson 34 yards
New York FG: Nick Folk 27 yards
Cleveland TD: Peyton Hills rushed for 12 yards

2nd Quarter
New York TD: Mark Sanchez pass to Jericho Cotchery for 25 yards
Cleveland FG: Phil Dawson 23 yards
New York TD: Mark Sanchez rushed for 1 yard

4th Quarter
New York FG: Nick Folk 25 yards
Cleveland TD: Colt McCoy pass to Mohamed Massaquoi for 3 yards

New York TD: Mark Sanchez pass to Santonio Holmes for 37 yards

Important Player Stats

Colt McCoy 18-31, 205 yards, TD

Peyton Hillis 19 rushes, 82 yards, TD

That was a heart-breaking loss. There's not a lot to be said about it other than that.

Colt McCoy played another solid game. He didn't turn the ball over yet again. He also did something that it feels like ages since it has been done for Browns. He led a late game drive to tie the Jets and force Overtime.

It was looking good in overtime. Colt McCoy completed a nice pass to Stuckey, who proceeded to make some nice moves and got the ball into the edges of field goal range. Why are the players acting weird? It's almost like there's a fumble. Oh shit, Stuckey lost the damn ball. Well, Robo got on top of it right? No. Well then the Jet's players stepped out before recovering, so they weren't allowed to touch the ball? No. But, but, but...

The defense played very well. I mean they got three stops in overtime, which is impressive in the NFL. They even made sure that the turnover in OT didn't lead to anything. The offense was non-existent for the Browns in the second half as well and the defense was able to hold and give McCoy a chance to drive down the field late.

The key play as I see it, is that 2nd and 10 late in the overtime in which Shaun Rogers had Sanchez sacked, but let him escape and complete a pass to Dustin Keller. That was really killer. Almost as much as the fumble by Stuckey. Had he been able to make that sack it would have been 3rd and very long for the Jets at their own five yard line. That would have been nearly impossible for them to convert. Allowing Sanchez to get away, flipped filed position and made it so the Browns were pinned deep to start their final drive, which made doing anything very difficult. It also allowed the Jets to get the ball back in great field position and few missed tackles later; Game Over.

At least, it doesn't look like Cribbs is too badly hurt. Hopefully, he'll be able to practice and play this week.

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