Sunday, November 21, 2010

Buckeye Sunday

Ohio State 20
Iowa 17

Scoring Summary

1st Quarter
Iowa TD: Ricky Stanzi pass to Marvin McNutt for 19 yards

2nd Quarter
Ohio State FG: Devin Barclay 18 yards

3rd Quarter
Ohio State TD: Terrelle Pryor pass to Reid Fragel for 5 yards
Iowa FG: Michael Meyer 31 yards

4th Quarter
Iowa TD: Marcus Cocker rushed for 1 yard
Ohio State FG: Devin Barclay 48 yards
Ohio State TD: Daniel Herron rushed for 1 yard

Important Player Stats
Terrelle Pryor: 18-33, 195 yards, TD, 2 INTs, 15 rushes, 78 yards

Dane Sanzenbacher: 6 receptions, 102 yards

Daniel Herron: 20 rushes, 69 yards

Yesterday's performance was probably the most impressed I've been with an Ohio State team in a tough game since the 2005 Michigan game. It was by no means a perfect game and there was a lot of adversity on both sides of the ball, but they managed to tough it out in a difficult environment and get the win.

Terrelle Pryor made some mistakes yesterdays, but did a great job keeping his composure. The Ohio State receivers were dropping balls at a level I've only seen the Cleveland Browns at. He didn't get terribly frustrated and do something stupid, which is awesome. I also really like that he is finally running again. He seemed to be hesitant to run through the middle of the season, either due to injury or over-coaching, but yesterday on scrambles and designed runs he gained yards and kept the opposing defense honest. Since he is such an amazing athlete, he was able to use his legs not his arm to make the biggest play of the game.

The rushing attack definitely benefited from the reintroduction of designed runs for Pryor. Herron wasn't able to put up the big numbers he has been in previous games, but Pryor's numbers more than made up for it.

The defense played a solid game. The secondary had its moments, where you had to worry, but overall it was a good game. Iowa's running game was largely made ineffective. Most importantly, they came up with stops when it was most important. They were able to make Iowa go three and out and four and out in their final two possessions ensuring the Ohio State victory.

I think yesterday's game was the best so far by the Special Teams units. The kick off coverage team had no major lapses. The field-goal unit was finally successful at a long Field Goal attempt. The punting game is still lacking, but it didn't do anything to really mess up.


Yes it is Michigan week. The biggest rivalry in college football. It has finally been pushed till after thanksgiving to somewhat reduce the ridiculous wait that Big 10 teams have until BCS bowl games. No matter how good or bad either team is, this is always a big deal.

Michigan is really simple to explain. Pretty Damn impressive offensively with a high school level defense. It's like this, if you can stop Michigan's offense once, they're fucked, because their defense can't stop anybody, ever.

Ohio State 65
Michigan 24

Pasta's Player of the Year Rankings

4. Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford
3. Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State
2. LaMichael James, RB, Oregon
1. Cam Newton, QB, Auburn

Note: The winner is not announced until the end of the Bowl season
Pasta's Top 5

5. Wisconsin
4. TCU
3. Auburn
2. Boise State
1. Oregon

I think Auburn is going to lose to Alabama. My current theory is that Auburn would fall(to 6 or 7) and TCU would move up to #2. Then if Auburn wins the SEC championship, the voters will move them right back up to number 2, because of the entitlement the voters have given the SEC*.

Ohio State 93
Florida 75

Player Stats

Jared Sullinger 26 points, 10 rebounds

David Lighty 26 points

William Buford 16 points, 8 assists

Ohio State 81
UNC-Wilmington 41

Stat: Every healthy player on the Ohio State roster played at least 13 minutes

It was tight for most of the game, but Ohio State took over in the later parts of the 2nd half to rout Florida on their home court. Florida was ranked 9th at the time, but they are overrated. They got that ranking almost entirely on all the starters they returned, but the problem is that those starters aren't very good. So, this victory looks nice now, I don't think it will much matter come selection time in March. Considering that this is without question the toughest out of conference games this year, it may be tough to get a higher seed without a very impressive Big 10 resume.

Jared Sullinger is very impressive. Just three games in and I feel fairly comfortable saying that he is by far the best front court player I've seen at Ohio State.

Something completely different about the Florida game I want to address is the decision by ESPN to cut away from the Ohio State game to go the UConn women's game. Yes, the Ohio State game had gotten out of hand, but damn it I want to watch the Buckeyes not some women's basketball that I do not give a damn about. It's not even like the Women's game would be hard to find if someone really wanted to watch it. It was on fucking ESPN 2! Also, you can't tell me that ESPN isn't able to make sure viewers in Columbus, Ohio can still watch the Ohio State game.

*A Blog First* ESPN, you're on notice.

Yea, UNC-Wilmington was totally outmatched. That's really all that can be said about that game. Holding any team to 41 points does make me one happy dude though, because nothing makes me happier the great defense in Basketball.

Question for today, How would you like me to organize the Basketball portion of Buckeye Sunday? Do you want the scores and stats for all games that week and then a discussions? Or perhaps have each game taken individually? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading and please comment.

*See LSU in 2007

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