Thursday, November 18, 2010

The New Trend

I've fallen into the habit of waiting until the evening(that's being generous) to start posts. Initially, I didn't post like this. If you look at my earlier posts, you'll see loads that were posted in the morning. You'll see posts in a strange abundance posted at precisely 9:00 am. That isn't coincidence, those are posts that I completed the night before or earlier. In fact, I used to try to keep at least one finished blog saved as a draft in case I would became to busy to post on a particular day. I'm never actually busy in the real world.

So, lately, I've been posting much later. I mean there are certainly legitimate reasons for this. This quarter is heavy with school work. My school schedule also, has largely prevented me from posting earlier in the day during the week. Still, it is mostly a habit I've fallen into. I've started pushing the blog further back in the day, because once I'd done it a few times, I knew I could do it and get away* with it. I don't have any finished posts saved as drafts, and I haven't really worked on/finished any posts the night before in a while.

I would like to say that there was a point to that, but there just isn't.

Today, I woke up at 6:30 for Bio lab at 8 and didn't feel much like going, so I didn't. I had this lab circled in my head as one I would skip, if I was going to skip any. Backtracking a bit, there are 10 labs in this class and the professor drops the lowest grade, so getting a zero on this lab doesn't matter because it will go away. So, this was the final lab period with only a single lab to do in it. Also, lab periods suck slightly harder than regular classes and skipping this week has made it so I'll be without having to do a lab for 3 weeks**.

So, I didn't get back to sleep until about 8 and slept until around 11. I basically played video games all day. So, I don't really have any good stories***. There was this kid on Jeopardy who was an idiot and ended up with -6,000. That was pretty funny.

I've got to do some reading for Mythology class tomorrow. And really this post should just stop now.

Thanks for reading and please comment.

*I don't know who exactly is enforcing these rules, but...
**Last week was Veterans Day, this week I skipped, and next week is Thanksgiving
***I never have good stories

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