Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving too anyone who reads this blog. Scratch that. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

So, My family doesn't really do Thanksgiving anymore. There's no great story of resent and politics, we just don't. It's not a big deal and I'm not terribly upset about it, that's just the way we do it now.

Today, I actually did eat a lot of food, it just wasn't really that traditional. Mom made steaks and mashed potatoes for lunch. That was probably the biggest lunch, I've ever had. There were also rolls and honey butter. I fucking love honey butter. Seriously, I ate like 3 rolls at lunch and 5 rolls with my dinner just for the honey butter. I'm going to have a piece of cake once I've finished this post. Fuck it, I'm having it now and I'll finish this later...

Back. That was yummy. I think I'm done for the day now.

Thanksgiving is a tough day for someone like me who strives to be an angsty hipster ;) I mean why be thankful when no one understands me. Also, I need to pretend that I don't really care about anything. It's very important not to care. Just don't care too much about not caring.

Ok. Enough of that :)

In the style of the 5 Awesome Girls here is my 2 thanks and a lie.

I'm Thankful for honey butter
I'm Thankful for the baller people that are in my life
I'm Thankful for camping assholes in Call of Duty

Tell me which one is a lie :)

Thanks for reading and please comment.


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