Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Random Wednesday- No Politics

Considering the past few posts have been heavy in political jargon and tomorrow's will be as well. So, the goal of this post is to break up that monotony. Of, course making a point of avoiding politics is in it's own way an acknowledgment of politics.

I got my Mythology midterm back today and did pretty well. I got an A 93/100. You almos always kind of know whether or not you did good an a test when you turn it in. Still, considering this was the first big thing my Professor has graded, you never know how tough she will be. Especially since the essay was 50% of the grade and a picky professor could really fuck you on that. As I expected she wasn't a ridiculous grader and she was definitely a fair grader. I got a 43 of 50 on the essay portion.

This week has brought two updates that I think are trying to blind me. The new XBox Live Dashboard's text is small, but totally forgivable, because I have ESPN 3 on my XBox now! Also Facebook has decided that squinting is the new cool. It looks like they've reduced the text side of the feed to 6. Maybe 8. Just way to small.

Something kept me up really late last night. So for the first time this quarter I skipped my 8am Biology class. Next week may be even worse though. I'm going to a concert on Tuesday night. I may not be getting home until well after midnight. So, I may be skipping again. It's ok, because that class is terrible. The other students are cool though. Just such terribly boring material and annoying professor.

My project for this week before Black Ops comes out, is to finally beat World at War on Veteran Difficulty. I'm advancing slowly, one checkpoint at a time. I'm almost done with the second to the last level.

I'm terribly boring.

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