Monday, November 8, 2010

Browns' Monday- Where Has This Been? Edition

Week 9- Patriots @ Browns

Cleveland 34
Patriots 14

Scoring Summary

1st Quarter
Cleveland FG: Phil Dawson 38 yards
Cleveland TD: Peyton Hillis rushed for 2 yards

2nd Quarter
New England TD: Tom Brady pass to Aaron Hernandez for for 2 yards
Cleveland TD: Chansi Stuckey rushed for 11 yards

3rd Quarter
Cleveland TD: Colt McCoy rushed for 16 yards

4th Quarter
Cleveland FG: Phil Dawson 37 yards
New England TD: Tom Brady pass to Aaron Hernandez for 1 yard
Cleveland TD: Peyton Hillis rushed for 35 yards

Important Player Stats
Colt McCoy: 14-19, 174 yards, rushing TD

Peyton Hillis: 29 rushes, 184 yards, 2 TDs

Well, I certainly didn't expect this. This team shouldn't beat the Patriots like that. Unless, maybe, just maybe, they actually are that good.

Colt McCoy had another solid game. It is being made out to be more impressive than it actually was on ESPN and the like. He didn't turn it over and offered enough of a passing threat to help out the running game. He had an awesome highlight running the ball as well. So, he should be credited with an impressive performance for a rookie, but he doesn't need to be anointed yet.

Also, how about the Massaquoi sightings?

Peyton Hillis went straight beast mode yesterday. The offensive line did the same. The Browns held the ball by running the ball very impressively.

The defense put in another great performance. New England was constantly being shutdown on first down. That caused 2nd and 3rd and long situations, which allowed for Rob Ryan to dial up the pressure. The pass rush was effective at putting the pressure on Tom Brady and that is important to stopping an offense.


This is a new part to my Browns' Monday post. I'm calling it projections. The idea here is to project what the playoff teams will be given the current data.

With 6 of 17 precincts reporting

AFC North: Too Close to Call(Steelers/Baltimore)
AFC East: Too Close to Call(NYJ/N.E.)
AFC South: Too Close to Call(Indy, Tennessee, Houston, Jacksonville)
AFC West: Too Close to Call(Kansas City and Oakland)
Wildcard : AFC North 2nd place and AFC East 2nd place

NFC North: Green Bay Packers
NFC East: Too Close to Call(Philadelphia, NYG)
NFC South: Too Close to Call(Atlanta, New Orleans)
NFC West: Too Close to Call(Seattle, St. Louis)
Wildcard: NFC East 2nd place and 3rd place

No Longer in the Race: San Francisco, Carolina, Detroit, Buffalo,

On the Brink of Dropping Out: Dallas, San Diego, Denver, Oakland, Cincinnati, Minnesota,
Cleveland, Washington


Checking my preseason prediction

Week 1- @Tampa Bay W Actual Result: L
Week 2- Kansas City W Actual Result: L
Week 3- @Baltimore L Actual Result: L
Week 4- Cincinnati L Actual Result: W
Week 5- Atlanta L Actual Result: L
Week 6- @ Pittsburgh W* Actual Result: L
Week 7- @New Orleans L Actual Result: W
Week 8- Bye
Week 9- New England L Actual Result: W
Week 10- NY Jets L
Week 11- @Jacksonville W
Week 12- Carolina W
Week 13- @Miami W
Week 14- @Buffalo W
Week 15- @Cincinnati L
Week 16- Baltimore L
Week 17- Pittsburgh L

Overall Record: 7-9*(1-5)* Current Record: 1-3

*Under the assumption that Roethlisberger will actually have serve his entire suspension

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