Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh Shit

It is 11:42 PM and I just realized that I haven't posted anything yet today. So here's what you get in 18 minutes or less.

Today I went to Mythology. We discussed Alcestis. I'm behind in the reading, though, so I have generally just been sitting there quietly this week. I think I've had pretty good reason this week to not keep up to date with it though. Awesome real world stuff totally trumps Week 7 of the quarter stuff.

I have spent most of today, like yesterday, playing Black Ops. Its very good. I started on Veteran and I can already tell that my suspicions have been confirmed; it's going to be fucking super hard. I have been playing mostly multiplayer, though. I'm up to level 25. I've been doing surprisingly well(for me) in most matches. Also the new Wager Matches are so much fun, but the match making for them is totally fucked. I hope it gets better.

I've been getting some random songs stuck in my head today Three in particular, that all totally different.

Ohio State played their first Basketball game tonight and they beat the shit out of Hapless State*. I got to watch it thanks to XBox live being connected with ESPN 3 now. That is totally worth the annoying new Dashboard.

God, I have used the word totally way too much in this post.

You should go read yesterday's post. It was much better.

Thanks for reading and please comment.

*North Carolina A&T

For dealing with the hasty nature of this post:

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