Friday, August 20, 2010

All Cleveland Browns' Offense(since return)

I don't really feel much like writing today especially about my own life. So here's a post that I never published(had it in drafts) from a now deleted sports blog I had. I came up with this more than a year ago and I only made one alteration. I also added some links to highlights. So, here you go the best the Browns' have had since their return to the NFL in 1999.


OB1- Tim Couch

The only QB to lead the Browns to the playoffs since their return, even though he finally got injured late in the season and wasn't able to lead the Browns in their game against the Steelers in the playoffs. And of course he completed a few Hail Marys to give the Browns victories.

QB2- Derek Anderson

Anderson is in this slot by default. One good season is a lot better than anyone one else. I mean it's either him or Spergon Wynn.

RB1- Jamal Lewis

Another one here by default. One good season is better than anyone else.

RB2- Reuben Droughns

Not Particularly good, but he did Rush for 1000 yards and I mean again who else could go here... Travis Prentince or William Green?

WR1- Braylon Edwards

He's the best stats WR since the team returned even considering the drops

WR2- Kevin Johnson

One of the best players during the Browns initial return and Tim Couch's favorite target.

TE- Kellen Winslow Jr.

The best offensive player the Browns have had since they returned.

LT- Joe Thomas

Three pro bowls and Three years pro.

LG- Eric Stienbach

Pro Bowler in 07 and one of the few Solid linemen the Browns have had sine their return.

C- Hank Fraley

He stepped into a dire need the Browns had prior to the 2006 season and played quite well. With a few more good seasons Alex Mack will take this spot.

RG- Ryan Tucker

I'm cheating here in that he didn't really play much at guard for the Browns, but really when you look at who has played Guard for the Browns since their return it's pretty pathetic.

RT- Kevin Shaffer

Once they figured out not to play him on the left side, he turned into a pretty solid lineman.

The only kicker we've had

Punt and Kick Returner- Joshua Cribbs

One of the best returners in the game ever. Dennis Northcutt gets honorable mention here.


I might do a defensive one if anyone's interested, but that would be an even more depressing list.

Thanks for reading and please comment.


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