Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gaming Tuesday


Gamerscore Last Week: 21674
Goal: 21800
Gamerscore Now: 21704

Achievements Unlocked

NCAA Football 11

Treasure Hunter 30G

Goal for Next Week: 21800
$ for HPA: 6.10(+4.80 this week)

Kinect(and the like)

Ok, so there is a new trend towards controllerless gaming. I'm definitely not going to be getting a Kinect for my XBox. It's not really for me. I don't play video games to move around. I wouldn't say I'm vehemently opposed to this new trend, but I'm kind of afraid that this may be the way the video game industry wants to head. By theory it does have broader appeal, but I think most gamers are not big fans of this.

One of the new games for the Kinect is one where you have a virtual pet. So, have this mythological creature as a pet and you pet it by moving your hand over air. Is that not really bloody dumb? And people bitch about regular video games making a person dumb. If I'm playing Call of Duty, I have to think about lots of things(strategy, spawns, douche bag toobers, etc), mast hand-eye coordination, and good twitch reflexes. If I'm playing a game where all I do is pet an imaginary unicorn, well I don't even see how that's fun and I'm definitely not thinking about anything.

If I'm ever at a friends house and the opportunity presents itself to play Kinect or the like, I'll play it can probably have a lot of fun. I just won't spend any of my money on this new trend.

Medal of Honor

There has been a bit of a ruckus of late over the multiplayer in the new Medal of Honor game. *disclaimer* I'm not going to buy this game and totally not because of any this stuff, but because it doesn't look that great to me and there are other games coming out this fall that my gaming budget should go to. So, the deal is that in multiplayer there are two sides and one of them in the Taliban. UK Defense Secretary Liam Brown has called for a retail ban on the game in his country.

So, there's this entire shit storm over this game. Here's the thing though. It's a first person shooter. You don't ever see your character. While you are actually playing you don't know what side your on. In reality, the only noticeable difference is the initial spawn point. Like, on MW2 you may prefer the Spetsnaz spawn on one map and the TF 141 spawn on another. Not to mention that in World at War multiplayer one could could be on the fucking Nazi side.

Point here is that in a FPS nobody really cares what side they are on.

No question this week.

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