Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Week

One week until the college football starts and Ohio State plays Marshall in the opener. Pretty exciting. It will be nice to finally see some football that actually counts. It should be an absolute ass kicking, but still... FOOTBALL.

I'm really unabashed about how good I think this Ohio State team is. There is really only one team in the country who can rival the Buckeyes and that is Alabama. But lets say, Ohio State totally over looks Marshall and bad Terrelle Pryor shows up. It could end up like this:

Ok, that probably won't happen again. '04 was the worst Ohio State team in the past 10 years. Especially early in the year when There was the QB controversy. Justin Zwick and Troy Smith both kind of sucked it up early in 2004. Eventually Smith got the job entirely when Zwick got hurt in a game where Iowa absolutely wrecked Ohio State and by the end of the season showed great improvement. Of course Smith was got suspended for the Bowl game, but still he had won the job for 2005 and would end up winning the Heisman in 2006.

Completely side-tracked yet?

Buckeyes play in one week on Thursday Night for the first time. Anyone have any thoughts on playing a Thursday Night game at Ohio Stadium? Playing college football on almost every week night is the new trend and I don't think Ohio State is above it.

Stop talking now, Michael.


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