Monday, August 23, 2010

Browns' Monday- The I didn't really watch much of the last preseeason game... so... um yeah... Edition

Ok, before I start my pseudo-breakdown of the game vs. St. Louis, I got a comment from someone who isn't my sister. So awesome. It seriously made me giddy with excitement. Many thanks to Jenna, You're awesome! Here's her blog: mean bean machine.


Rams @ Browns- Preseason Game 2 Recap

Cleveland 17
St. Louis 19

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
St Louis TD: A.J. Feeley to pass to Daniel Fells for 9 yards
St. Louis FG: Josh Brown 32 yards
St. Louis FG: Josh Brown 39 yards

Second Quarter
Browns TD: Jake Delhomme 6 yard pass to Benjamin Watson
Browns FG: Phil Dawson 38 yards

Third Quarter
Cleveland TD: Seneca Wallace 15 yard pass to Josh Cribbs

Fourth Quarter
St Louis FG: Josh Brown 21 yards
St. Louis FG: Josh Brown 29 yards

I didn't see much of this game. I watched bits and pieces of it live and have caught a bit more on the replays on STO. Peyton Hillis looked good in the bits I saw. He seems like an excellent addition for someone who was a tack-on in the Brady Quinn trade. I won't really make anymore inferences than that for a few reason. First, I didn't see the entire game. Also, It was raining. Finally, the Rams suck. Oh, and it's preseason, so it doesn't really mean anything.

Here's and actual Recap

There is something I do want to bitch about though.

Why did Mangini leave the starters in so deep into this game? Conditions were terrible, which I would think you would want to keep your starters out of. No sense in getting any of the starters injured on a muddy field. It's not like it was the 3rd preseason game either. Save keeping the first string out into the 3rd quarter for the next game against the Lions.

That's all I got for this one.

Zastudil out for the Season

This is unfortunate. If the Browns are going to win at all this season, it will be likely with ball control and field position. Zastudil is an outstanding punter and his brilliant punting, in reality, won a game last year*. I hope he will avoid the staph infection that other Browns players have gotten following their knee surgeries.

Here's a question for you all. Which is correct. Is it 6-yard run or 6 yard run? Let me know in comments.

Thanks for reading.


*The game against Buffalo.

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