Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the Thirteenth

Hmm... I should really stop putting thirteen in the titles of my blog posts.

I'd like to say I'm not superstitious. I really would like to. I mean. I'm pretty rational, but still... I get nervous when Ohio State is on the cover of Sports Illustrated and fully don't expect Drew Brees to make it through the season. I can't think of any logical* reason for there being a cause and effect relationship between being on those covers and bad results on the field. Anytime that happens it must just be coincidence, but still...

I don't feel particular nervous today about my luck being terrible. I mean if I have my history right this a 'cursed' day because of a church-sponsored mass inquisition of Templar Knights in the Middle Ages. And it just happened to be a Friday and the 13th day of the month. I don't see any reason to be worried, but still...

There is one superstitions that I absolutely believe in. People go fucking crazy during a full moon. Again there is no logical reason, but still, in a purely anecdotal way, something happens during a full moon that I can't explain.

I have a tradition on Friday the thirteenth and that is I always make a mix CD. Here's the tracklist from the one I made today:

The Velocity of Saul at His Time of Conversion- Okkervil River
All I Wanted- Paramore
Westfall- Will Sheff**
Smoke and Mirrors- Lifehouse
Room 19- No Use For A Name
Pride- Manchester Orchestra
Attention- The Raconteurs
Ignorance- Paramore
Near Life Experience- Lifehouse
It's Nice to Know You Work Alone- Silversun Pickups
I'm Thinking- Autopilot Off
Staring at the Sun- U2
Best of Me(What's Left of Me)- Lifehouse
I Came Here to Say I'm Going Away- Okkervil River

Thanks for reading and please comment.


*If you're every scheduling classes for college and see a class on Logic and think, 'that could be interesting' or 'that will be easy,' do not under any circumstances take that class.

**Westfall is an Okkervil River song, but I'm using a solo performance by Okkervil River's lead Singer, Will Sheff.

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