Monday, August 16, 2010

Browns' Monday- The Phil Dawson is a Beast Edition

Browns @ Packers- Preseason Game 1 Recap

Cleveland 27
Green Bay 24

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
Browns TD: 4-yard Rush by Jerome Harrison
Browns TD: Seneca Wallace 13-yard pass to Brian Robiskie
Packers TD: Aaron Rodgers 25-yard pass to Greg Jennings

Second Quarter
Packers TD: 2-yard Rush by John Kuhn
Browns TD: Seneca Wallace 20-yard pass to Benjamin Watson

Third Quarter
Packers TD: 1-yard rush by Kregg Lumpkin

Fourth Quarter
Packers FG: Mason Crosby 33-yards
Browns FG: Phil Dawson 58-yards
Browns FG: Phil Dawson 46-yards

Significant Stats

Jake Delhomme 1 series, 6-7, 66 yards
Seneca Wallace 4-8, 72 yards, 2 TD
Colt McCoy 5-10, 25 yards, 2 INT, 25 rushing yards
Jerome Harrison 7 rushes, 25 yards
Phil Dawson 3-3 XP, 2-2 FG, 58 yard long

The first team offense looked pretty impressive in their one series as a unit. They almost looked like an actual NFL offense, which has been a rarity for the Browns' as of late. I'm pretty sure Holmgren has pretty much forced Daboll to switch the offense to something more like he'd run.

The first team defense didn't look very good. Frequent blitzes were picked up easily by the Packers and they were just picked apart by Aaron Rodgers. A bright spot for me was T.J. Ward, the rookie safety, who had eight tackles and seemed pretty solid in the defense. He may just be the best safety on the team, especially since Mike Adams has officially been moved to Cornerback.

I'm not going to make to much of what happened Saturday night. No one is going to expose there best offensive or defensive schemes in the preseason. So, the defensive performance wasn't with their best schemes and the offensive performance was against a weak GB scheme.

Phil Dawson is a beast

Dawson made a 58-yard field goal against Green Bay, which is just ridiculous/awesome. Phil Dawson is one of the best kickers in the game and would get credit for if the Browns didn't consistently suck so hard.

McCoy Injured

Colt McCoy injured his thumb when he hit his hand on a helmet on the follow-thru of an interception. The injury definitely isn't serious he should return to practice soon. As for his performance in the game; it was poor. 25 yards on 10 throws and two interceptions sound like Brady Quinn numbers. He did perform well on the ground, rushing for 25 yards.

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  1. No Browns game for me, as I now get WV channels. Hopefully the win is a sign of things to come in the regular season!