Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gaming Tuesday


Gamerscore Last Week: 21419
Goal: 21700
Gamerscore Now: 21674

Achievements Unlocked

NCAA Football 11

Formation Sub Success 5G
Air Raid 25G
Mix It Up 15G
Lock It Up 15G
Draw Me A Touchdown 5G
West Coast/Pro Style 25G
Hero 10G
Run and Shoot 25G
One Back 25G
Veteran 15G
Burn That Shirt 15G
Program Changer 25G

Madden NFL 11

Comeback Kids 40G
Thanks For Coming 10G

Goal for Next Week: 21800
$ for HPA: 1.30(+1.30 this week)

My Favorite Game Ever

I don't really have anything else to talk about this week. Treyarch is being tight-lipped about Black Ops multiplayer until Sept. 1, so new news from them a Gamescon. We're kind of in a lull right now before things really start to pick up this fall with Video Games. So, I'm going back in time a bit to write a little about my favorite game ever: Resident Evil 4.

RE4 was probably the turning point for me in terms of gaming. I had played video games prior to playing RE4, but this game turned me from "kid who likes to play video games sometimes" to "gamer kid." I played through RE4 a ridiculous amount of times. Like more than 10. Looking back I can't even be sure why, other than It was an awesome and fun game. There weren't achievements back then, so once I got the unlockables it was just about killing monsters.

It wasn't scary in the same way as the prior Resident Evils had been. That's not to say it wasn't scary at points. It just wasn't jump out of your seat scary like the prior REs were in certain parts. RE4 definitely had an awesome and creepy environment in it.

Sticking with RE4, this week's question:

More Overpowered: The Chicago Typewriter in RE4 or the Akimbo Model 1887s* in MW2?

Chicago Typewriter v. Model 1887s

Unlocked after beating the Separate Ways Mini-game**, the Chicago Typewriter is a .45 caliber, automatic weapon with unlimited ammo. It does cost 1,000,000 pesetas once it has been unlocked, but once you purchase it, the only other weapon you will need is the Sniper***. It is a monster-plowing gun and once you have it can make Las Plagas your bitch.

If you played Modern Warfare 2 prior to the patch for the ridiculous range on the Akimbo 1887s, you probably got shot in the face numerous times by this gun. Every lobby seemed to have assholes who would run around using nothing but the 1887s and it got really annoying really fast. Infinity Ward released a patch for them, but it failed because there was a way around it, which made it even more freaking annoying. Fortunately, they are now completely patched and nerfed to hell.

My Answer: I've got to go with the 1887s on this one. It wasn't quite as annoying as the OMA noob-tubing is now, but it was really annoying to get killed from a ridiculous distance by a shot gun in one shot. Plus, the Chicago Typewriter was a blast to play with and it wasn't multiplayer, so no real person was affected, just Spanish villagers with the Las Plagas Parasite.

Thanks for reading and please comment.


*Prior to them finally being patched
**It wasn't really a mini-game, but more of a separate smaller game.
***There's a part where you must have a sniper to rescue Ashley.

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