Monday, August 30, 2010

Browns' Monday- The Ghost of Brady Quinn Edition

Browns @ Lions

Cleveland 27
Detroit 35

Scoring Summary

1st Quarter

Cleveland FG: Phil Dawson 35-yard Field Goal
Detroit TD: Matthew Stafford 7-yard Pass to Byrant Johnson
Cleveland TD: Eric Wright returned fumble 44 yards

2nd Quarter
Cleveland TD: Jake Delhomme 5-yard pass to Lawerence Vickers
Detroit TD: Chris Houston returned fumble 14 yards
Cleveland TD: 1-yard rush by Peyton Hillis

3rd Quarter
Detroit TD: 2-yard rush by Kevin Smith
Cleveland FG: Phil Dawson 45-yard Field Goal

4th Quarter
Detroit TD: 4-yard rush by Aaron Brown
Detroit TD: 2-yard rush by Aaron Brown

Significant Stats
Jake Delhomme: 20-25, 152 yards, 1 TD
Colt McCoy: 10-14, 76 yards

If ever you could extrapolate anything from any preseason game, it would the third preseason game for a team. It is given more significance than any other preseason game and usually the starters play the entire 1st half and at least 1 series in the second half. It is the NFL equivalent of a dress rehearsal. For the Browns this year, it looked good on the offensive side of the ball and very poor for the defense.

The 1st team offense looked pretty good. Given that they were playing the Lions; a defense that allowed the Browns to do this last year. I still don't get it though. Daboll somehow became less crappy over the offseason. The personnel on offense hasn't got tremendously better, but the play calling is so much better this year. Like a real NFL offense. It also really helps that Delhomme has avoided throwing the ball to the other team. He was really good at that the past few years. Josh Cribbs seems to have a made the transition to receiver pretty effectively this offseason. He had a pretty cool catch on the sideline on Saturday.

Introducing a new character: Janus, The sheep who enunciates.

The Browns Defense was Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

Thanks Janus.

It didn't matter if it was the starters, 2nd string, 3rd string, or some combo of the three. The defense was very bad against the Lions. Granted the Lions offense did this to the Browns defense last year. I really hope Shaun Rodgers will make a big difference when he returns to the front seven, because it was really bad*. The defense didn't really ever stop the Lions, but did manage to score a touchdown. So, good for them. Hopefully they won't allow their opponents to put up forty on them every Sunday.

Nick Sorenson

He was immobilized and carted off the field in first half. Fortunately, he has movement and the tests came back negative. The hit he took was a helmet to helmet sandwich. Basically, the Detroit wedge wedged right on his head and he went down straight away. He's been around for a while and has been a back-up safety and a great special teams player for the Browns. Hopefully he will be able to return to the team soon.

The Ghost of Brady Quinn

I'm going to make premature and over the top statement about Colt McCoy. He reminds me a lot of Brady Quinn. That's not good. Probably not fair after just three preseason games, but he did something to day that screamed of Quinn. He threw a fucking Hail Mary out of bounds. What the Hell? That's something Brady Quinn would do and actually did. Add to that, Colt McCoy always seems to throw it short and to check downs and rarely tries down field. That's Brady Quinn in a nutshell.

Also Peyton Hillis is proving to be a great addition to the team. He was acquired in the Brady Quinn trade.

It's weird to be reminded of Quinn though, because he was so awful. Colt McCoy may be reminding me of Quinn right now, but he has probably the most secure position on the team. He won't be cut no matter what. Even if some reason Mangini decided to keep Ratliff, Delhomme would probably be the one to get the axe. In this alternate reality there are unicorns who crap ice cream and double rainbows happen daily at 13 o'clock.

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*Really Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

Thanks again Janus

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