Saturday, August 7, 2010

Special Comment- Call of Duty: Black Ops Wishlist

Single Player

Campaign- My primary concern is the length of the campaign. Modern Warfare 2 had an excellent campaign, but it was very short. It only took me about six hours of playing time to complete it the first time around. That was probably the most disappointing thing about MW2 for me. Treyarch made a good campaign in both length and quality with World at War, but it did lack the excitement of the Modern Warfares since the playable characters were just infantry men. This time the playable characters will be specialists, which will likely be a huge improvement for Treyarch.

Veteran Difficulty- Veteran difficulty was nearly impossible on World at War. It's not that I don't expect Veteran Difficulty to be really fucking hard, it's just that World at War was ridiculous even for the difficulty level. Perhaps the worst problem with the Veteran Difficulty in WaW was the grenades. It just seemed like as soon as you stopped moving to take cover there were three grenades at your feet. So, it would end up either get killed by a grenade or move and get shot and killed. Suffice to say, I have yet to beat the campaign in WaW on veteran difficulty level. Every once in a while, I put it back in and advance a few missions before I get frustrated and quit again. So, basically my wish here is to make Veteran Difficulty actually doable.

Side Games- Nazi Zombies in World at War was one of the most fun side games I've ever played. It was a blast and bringing it back as "Communist Zombies" would be my preference. I would also love to see more Spec Ops, but if it is one or the other than I would I have to go with Zombies. Spec Ops would be a nice addition especially since Modern Warfare 3 is in limbo and it provided quick, fun, and challenging missions as a side to the primary story. I guess I just want a side game that is fun and co-operative.


Don't try to fix MW2- Just trying to fix all the problems that came along with MW2 isn't necessarily going to produce a good multiplayer game. Treyarch needs to focus on making a good online game while taking lessons from the issues of MW2 and WaW. Plain and simple, a shit game that isn't MW2 is still a shit game. Don't worry about fixing every little issue that there has been in MW2. Make a good and fun multiplayer game and worry about the people who use exploits later, because absolutely no matter what Treyarch does there will be people who will find and use glitches and exploits.

Perks- There are 3 perks that are must-go: Commando, Danger Close, and One Man Army. Commando and Danger Close are generally unbalanced and greatly exploited. One Man Army is a useless perk unless someone using an exploit with it. Otherwise be creative and try to avoid making anything unbalanced or easily exploited.

Killstreaks- I am actually a fan of customizable killstreaks. It adds a new element of strategy into multiplayer that adds to my enjoyment. Also being able to set low or high kill streaks allows one to adjust them to his or her game-play style and/or talent level. I don't feel the issue of camping for killstreaks is made worse by making the killstreaks customizable. When the killstreaks were fixed people still camped for their seven kill streak. I'm also not really a fan of the idea of adding cumulative killstreaks. My suggestion would be making playing the objective as rewarded as kills. I could be as simple as counting securing the objective to one's killstreak or making unique rewards for actually playing the objective.

In Modern Warfare 2, I felt the killstreaks themselves were quite good. Lots of people like to bitch about how unbalanced they are, but I strongly disagree with that. Most Air Support is pretty easy to take down. Also, the perk Cold Blooded entirely counter acts most air support. On top of that a player can just hide inside until the air support is gone if he or she is opposed to using the prior two options. So, I'd like to see Treyarch keep air support about the same as it has been in MW2. Just get rid of Nuke to get rid of the nuke boosters.

Weapons- All I really want to see with the weapons is balance. This is something Modern Warfare 2 did very well, but World at War absolutely failed at. Each gun should have its positive aspects as well as its drawbacks. One should not be at an advantage for using a particular gun. A player should be able to pick a weapon to suit his or her play style and not have to worry about the other players having a tremendous advantage because of their gun.

Rapid response and Community Involvement- Something that the developers of Modern Warfare 2 haven't been great at is patching major problems quickly. I understand that a patch should be tested and it should be made sure it doesn't cause worse problems than what it is fixing. It is just that it has taken months for major glitches and exploits to get fixed. At the moment One Man Army noob tubes are making MW2 nearly unplayable and Infinity Ward has promised a patch 'is in the pipeline' for months, but it still hasn't arrived. Treyarch should listen to community complaints and find quick solutions to major issues with their game. It is not possible to design a game that will be free of glitches and exploits, but it should be Treyarch's goal to fix those issues quickly as possible.

Camping- This is a difficult issue to really address without revamping the entire Call of Duty series. Camping is an issue in any first person shooter and seems to be a particular issue in Call of Duty. This is the primary issue for me in MW2 right now and the reason why I rarely play it anymore. Everytime I play now it seems the lobby is filled with campers and noobtubers and that gets really old fast. Before I get to into bashing MW2 on this issue, here are some of my suggestions for Black Ops to address the issue of camping:

No More claymores- Seriously, they are just annoying and provide to much incentive for a play to just hide behind them. At least make it so one player can only have one out at a time.

Value objectives- Make objectives count towards a player's killstreak or make the XP one gets for capturing an objective substantially greater than a kill.

XP based on Team success- Significantly nerf the XP a player receives if their team loses the game.


I really spent a lot of time bashing Modern Warfare in this one, but really I don't think it's a bad game. I no longer enjoy playing it, but that is almost entirely due to the community playing the game, not the game itself.

Thanks for reading.


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