Thursday, August 19, 2010

You're Asking for Directions Like Your Dick Isn't Out

Yesterday was generally a shitty day. I'm not going to get much into and this will be a short post.

Shit went down and I walked away and by walked away, I mean walked far away. I don't usually spend much time outside, but I walked for almost 3 hours. I would say at last five miles. I was pissed/glad*, talking to myself and not sure what to do. I think the company line will be said shit never happened and therefore will happen again**.

While I was walking yesterday down a road, this guy pulled up next to me in a black Mercedes. He asked me which way a certain street was and I told him and started walking again. He kept riding next to me and then asked which way another street was, I told him and kept walking. He kept riding next to me and then asked if I wanted to make a quick twenty. I guess I'm naive enough to not just start running and I said, "ok?" He pulled off to the side the road and I approached his window and saw that he had his dick out and was masturbating. I quickly walked away and he was like, "all you have to do is watch." "No," I said and just kept walking. He pulled away and drove past me.

Later on I was still walking, back in my own neighborhood and the guy in the black Mercedes pulled up next me. "I don't bite man," he said. I didn't stop and just kept walking saying, "I'm not interested," as forcibly as I could. He tried to say something else and I just repeated my line and kept walking. He floored it and ran a stop sign and he was gone. He drove past me three more times as I walked back home.

There's my story of my experience with a pervert.

Thanks for reading and maybe you can share your stories of any flashing/pervert stories in comments.


*Sometimes finally having the fight is a nice relief.
**probably pretty damn soon.


  1. What a creepy encounter! Glad you got the hell out of there. Can't really say that I've had a similar experience though.

  2. Many thanks for the comment Jenna! It really made my day:)