Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Random Wednesday- 30-year old Michael

This wasn't exactly what I had planned on doing for Random Wednesday this week. I was going to do a 'what I want to do before I die post*'. I actually find that topic to be kinda morbid, but lacking other inspiration it was the plan. Then this popped up in my Sub box on Youtube. It's kinda a variant of what I had planned to do; only something I feel better about doing. So here you go a note to 30-year old Michael filled with verb tense and subject confusion.

*Inspired by 5AG's theme last week


I'm going to start this off my making some predictions for the year 2019. I think this will make you feel better whether I'm/you're right or wrong. You can either be proud that you were a wise 21-year old or be glad that you're not such a fool anymore.

So here's a list of predictions:

-The economy will still be in the crapper
-A Democrat will be President. Obama will be booted in 2012** due to a crappy economy and the Republican** will be booted in 2016 for the crappy economy.
-The Browns will still not be very good
-Tressel will have moved to the role of Athletic Director and will have chosen his successor. I would venture a guess at who that successor will be, but I don't really have a clue. If I had to make a guess, I'll go with Chris Peterson
-Gaming will just be getting around to the next generation of consoles, because game developers fail to keep pace with advances in consoles.

Ok, that's enough. Feel better about yourself? I hope so.

There are something thats I will hope you have done by now.

I really want to go to the SxSW music festival at least once. I really liked going to Lolla a few years a go and would like to that again or try Bonaroo, but the music festival that I really hope we will have attended will be SxSW.

I hope you have taken a vacation by yourself. Not that I'm entirely anti-social, but taking a trip all by myself seems like a good idea. Not only will it be an opportunity to see someplace I've never seen, but an opportunity to fend for myself in an environment I don't know. I think that this is something that will make me a better, more well-rounded person. Plus at this point, I am incredibly poorly traveled and I would like to think that you will have seen some more of the world than I have.

I want to have had at least one long-term relationship. You'd have to tell me the story about it. As for marriage and kids, well, I'm not really to concerned about that as for those things to even be considered there needs to another half to the equation.

I want to have spent sometime doing something to that in just doing it makes me happy. It doesn't matter if you made much money as long as you've had the amazing experience. It could be a period where you're a touring musician, a published author, in the peace corps, or just something that's not traditional that will make us happy.

I hope you've gotten at least you're bachelor's degree by now.

You'd better not still live at home. .If you still do, well, maybe you should go jump off a bridge.

Sincerely You,

Michael J. Thomas

**voided by Palin becoming the Republican nominee in 2012

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