Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Random Wednesday - Run on Sentences

I feel that I write a lot of run on sentences, which is never really my intention, but it's still a bad thing in truth, because run on sentences are confusing and long, but I always feel that I need to put all the information I can into one sentence, which I guess is noble, but in reality is probably just annoying, because who wants that much information with out a period to separate some of it since that much information in a muddled form is useless because it is difficult to pick out, which means maybe I should better use semi-colons as well, but even then it is still a run-on, but I don't think the way I write sentences now is grammatically incorrect, but rather confusing, which is your problem not mine, which is an arrogant thing to say; I shouldn't have said that, but still it's out there now, which means it cannot be taken back, but I do promise to try and limit my buts and whiches as much as I can, because I think it will make me a better writer, but but and which and are really useful words and so is and, and because, and so are commas, which are wonderful and hooray for punctuation, but I seem to be adverse to using periods, which probably makes you all and my professors annoyed and that's not good, so I will try to limit my run-ons from now on and start using periods more divide ideas into individual sentences rather than one super long one.

I hope your head didn't explode. I came up with this idea while taking a mid-term today and while writing my responses to the 5 essay questions I realized that nearly all my sentences were run-ons. I think that this is probably the worst thing about my writing and I really do try to limit the length of my sentences, but sometimes I just need to write a ridiculously long sentence. Perhaps it's the reason why so much of what I write on here is rambling nonsense :)

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